Historic Homes in Greater Newburyport

Historic Homes in Greater Newburyport

  • Alissa Christie
  • 01/26/23
New England's historic homes are a wonderful part of our country’s heritage. We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so many in the Greater Newburyport area, from first period houses to Federal-style and Victorian houses, where many of them often become available for sale! We love the character and unique properties that give us a glimpse of amazing architectural achievements as well of traditions of the past. With several centuries worth of residential architecture, these old homes offer potential homeowners both quaint and quirky features that can't be found anywhere else. We love the clapboard-sided sea captain's homes, colonial cottages, and variety of beautiful styles that often blend different periods -- making it easy to find something that suits your individual taste. So if you're looking for an elegant step back into the past, Newburyport has numerous properties with stunning architectural details that are sure to give your house lots of charm and personality!  Let's take a closer look at some of the area's love for the preservation of historic homes as well as some different styles.

The Newburyport Dedication to Historical Preservation

The Historical Society of Old Newbury was established in the late 1870s to protect the area’s historical buildings and sites. For Newburyport, in particular, the Newbury Historical Commission is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the town’s cultural and historical resources. The commission is made up of seven members, appointed by town Selectmen, who serve three-year terms. The commission is key to property owners, developers, and others who are interested in restoring or rehabilitating historic buildings. Be sure to check with the commission before making any changes to the historical property you’ve purchased.

First-Period Architectural Style

The First Period architectural style emerged in the early 1600s and lasted until the mid-1700s. Newburyport real estate in this style is characterized by a steep roof pitch, wide central chimney, one-room deep, minimal roof overhang, and asymmetrically spaced windows. One of the most notable features of this style was the steep roof pitch, which helped to keep the interior of the home warm in cold weather. Additionally, the wide central chimney helped to heat multiple rooms at once, and the one-room deep layout made it easy to cook and heat the home using a single fireplace. The minimal roof overhang helped to keep the snow off of the roof, while the asymmetrically spaced windows allowed for natural light and ventilation. Follow  along  @thejosiahthinghouse for updates on the home photographed above. 

Georgian Architectural Style

The Georgian architectural style was prominent in New England from circa 1725-1780. The style gets its name from the four English kings who ruled during that time period – George the First through Fourth. Georgian-style homes are easily identifiable by their symmetry, natural light, brick or stone construction, and two-room deep, two or more-level structure. Additionally, many Georgian homes have small upper-level windows, low ceilings (indicating that these rooms were originally intended for staff use), and decorative features such as pediments, fanlight windows above the front door, columns, and arches. In Newburyport, buyers can look for detached homes with a Georgian architectural style and townhouses with a terraced, side-door layout. These townhouses often have a basement kitchen, shared garden square, and symmetrical windows across stories. Additionally, they often have painted shutters and hipped roofs. The beautiful home pictured above is located at 87 High St. in Newburyport, and was most recently sold by Alissa Christie for $2,700,000.

Federal Architectural Style

The Federal style of architecture emerged in the United States during the late 18th century and remained popular through the first half of the 19th century. Characterized by a simple, symmetrical design, Federal-style homes for sale in Newburyport were often decorated with geometric patterns and featured prominent dormer windows. The central entrance was also a distinguishing feature of these homes, which were popular among buyers due to their relatively affordable price tag. The home photographed above is located at 43 Market St. in Newburyport and most recently sold for $2,100,000.

Greek Revival Architectural Style

The Greek Revival, a 19th-century style of architecture heavily inspired by the classic Greek aesthetic, has been gaining traction for hundreds of years. It first became popular in America during the 1820s when Americans were enthralled with the Parthenon and began emulating its style. The trend stayed popular through most of the Civil War era and beyond. Prospective homeowners can be sure they have identified a Greek Revival home if it features characteristics such as a front porch with pediments and columns, white plaster walls, simple yet bold moldings both inside and outside of the building, and second-story windows with decorative ornamentation.
Most recently, Alissa Christie listed a Greek Revival replica home for sale, located at 4 Hamilton Way in Newburyport. The home's builder and craftsman has a unique passion for history and a zeal for creating new old houses, and 4 Hamilton Way is no exception! 

Victorian Architectural Style

The Victorian style is an iconic one that dates back to the mid-19th century, a time of great design diversity. Characterized by homes with steep-pitched roofs, ornamental iron railing around windows and doors, turrets, towers, and two stories or more in height, Victorian homes provide plenty of old-world charm no matter where you live. If you need some extra room for al fresco dining or just want to take in snowy vistas from a cozy porch, there's sure to be a Victorian option that suits your taste. With designs from Gothic Revival to Italianate architecture (and many styles in between!), those searching for a beautiful home should definitely consider the timeless look of Victorian.  The home photographed above was sold by Alissa Christie and located at 85 Lime St. in Newburyport. 

Arts & Crafts Architectural Style

Arts & Crafts, also called Craftsman, architecture is a popular style that originated in the early 20th century. Easily recognized by its horizontal lines, gable roofs, and use of natural materials such as wood and stone, this style continues to be a favorite for many homeowners today. Common features seen on many of these homes include spacious wrap-around porches, ideal for relaxing out of doors on beautiful days. Craftsman was not only an architectural style when it first debuted in 1900; it also inspired other design mediums with a focus on handmade items made from natural elements like wood and clay. The earthy tones and warm aesthetic of this movement remained popular up until 1929 and still have an active presence in American home design.

Craftsman homes are a stunning example of American architectural style. Whether you're looking to buy or simply admire, recognizing the signature characteristics is helpful in identifying this type of home. The roof of a Craftsman home typically has low-pitched eaves and a gable protruding from the plane. Structural elements such as rafters, beams, and brackets are often exposed for aesthetic effect. Porches tend to be wide with columns for support - accompanied by small roofs over windows that make for magnificent views both inside and out. You may find siding painted in an array of colors or cedar shaker shingles used across the facade, while decorative accents in stucco or stone can dazzle any onlooker. If you're drawn to this classic style, chances are you'll spot your dream Craftsman home soon enough!

Newburyport is a great place to find the perfect home, no matter your style. Newburyport homes come in many shapes and sizes, from Greek Revival to Victorian and Craftsman styles. Whether you’re looking for something with an old-world charm or handcrafted details, Newburyport has it all. So if you're considering purchasing a home in Newburyport, be sure to look into these different historical architectural styles so that you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs. For additional assistance with your house hunt in Newburyport, reach out to experienced local agent Alissa Christie. Alissa looks forward to taking your call and helping you find your dream historical home.

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