How to Determine Your Non-Negotiables When Buying a Luxury Property

How to Determine Your Non-Negotiables When Buying a Luxury Property

  • Alissa Christie
  • 05/23/23

If you’ve arrived at a stage in your life and career when it’s time to start looking for your dream home in the idyllic coastal community of Ipswich, you’ll almost certainly have a list of must-haves. In the real estate world, these are known as non-negotiables and will help guide your decision on which luxury home is the right one for you. Your non-negotiables can steer you toward desired mansions and estates and will quickly eliminate properties that simply won’t meet your needs and wants.

Of course, you probably won’t get everything on your wish list. That said, you’ve had to negotiate various features and amenities in previous real estate deals, and this time there are things you simply won’t want to give up as you look for that perfect home in Ipswich, a classic New England coastal community about an hour north of Boston. After all, you might end up living in this home for several years or even throughout retirement.

Find a great agent

The median price of homes for sale in Ipswich, MA, leans on the higher end of six figures. The market tends to favor sellers, meaning more people are looking to buy than there are properties on the market. There are many extraordinary luxury properties in the community of about 13,000, including mansions and estates. Some of these luxury homes are located along Plum Island Sound, while others are in more secluded locations surrounded by the area’s natural beauty.

First, hire a terrific real estate agent who has been helping clients find luxury homes in the area for several years. Once you’ve found an agent you feel comfortable with and trust, sit down and go over your list of non-negotiables. Great agents know the available inventory in town and can easily find out when certain properties are about to come on the market. Your agent has various search tools to find your dream home with as many of your non-negotiables as possible. Although each buyer’s list of non-negotiables is different, here’s a list of the most popular must-haves.

Location, location, location

Real estate’s main mantra is never more important than when you are shopping for your dream home. As a luxury home buyer in Ipswich, you’ll want to express your desires to your agent so they can search the current inventory. If you’ve always wanted a waterfront home, now’s the time to work with your agent to scour the area for that perfect home where you can enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle and the stunning views of rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of living on a golf course, where you have practically instant access to the verdant fairways. Then again, maybe it’s been your dream to live in a large, classic New England home on a large semi-rural lot surrounded by trees. You’ve worked hard to get to this point in life, and this is the chance to get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Outdoor Space

One of the main reasons people move to Ipswich is the same reason it’s a tourist haven, and that’s because of the gorgeous coastal scenery. Many home buyers list a delightful outdoor space as a non-negotiable, including front and back yards. Outdoor spaces have become important in the wake of the pandemic as homebuyers look for a luxury home with plenty of outdoor space to get fresh air, entertain family and friends at a summer barbecue, or just relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. Key components of this non-negotiable will include extensive landscaping, comfortable furniture for the deck or patio, and even an outdoor kitchen for top-notch summer entertaining.

Smart technology

One non-negotiable that has been gaining popularity in recent years is smart technology throughout homes for sale in Ipswich, MA. Smart home tech makes luxury homes even more extravagant and stylish, even as they add incredible convenience and functionality. Smart tech comes in many forms, from kitchen appliances that can be operated by apps on your smart devices or a voice command, lighting fixtures that can be controlled remotely, and an impressive home security system that allows you to lock doors and check in even when away. Plus, smart appliances and devices are energy efficient, making them popular among environmentally conscious families.

Modern kitchen and bathrooms

People who can afford luxury homes want a move-in ready residence they can begin enjoying immediately and not have to have to be remodeled, which can be disruptive and expensive on top of the purchase price.  A key non-negotiable is to have a master bathroom with new smart appliances and stylish light fixtures. Modern bathroom luxuries include a shower with seating and a steam feature, a freestanding bathtub, and a heated floor for those chilly New England mornings.

Master bedroom

A centerpiece of any luxury home, and therefore a non-negotiable in many buyers’ minds, is a spacious, comfortable, and well-appointed master bedroom. The amenities should include large walk-in closets, a cozy sitting area, and an en suite bathroom with modern luxuries such as a spa bathtub.

Exercise room

Another non-negotiable that’s more popular these days is a home gym or exercise room. Regardless of what it’s called, the modern luxury home buyer wants a dedicated space for exercise equipment that includes a weight machine or free weights, a treadmill or an exercise bike, and room for yoga, Pilates, or other physical activities. Besides saving on gym fees, homeowners can work out any time of day or night.

A home office

Any list of non-negotiables must include a dedicated home office. People love moving to scenic towns like Ipswich, where they can work remotely while enjoying the unique coastal lifestyle. The best home offices are well-appointed, have plenty of natural light, and allow privacy.

Partner with the best

This is just a sampling of non-negotiables when buying luxury homes for sale in Newburyport, MA. There are many more, of course, and clients turn to the #1 agent in Newburyport, Alissa Christie for a satisfying experience purchasing their dream home.

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