Preparing Your Home for Sale in 2024

Preparing Your Home for Sale in 2024

  • Alissa Christie
  • 12/13/23

As we approach the end of 2023, many homeowners are already planning their moves for the next year. If you're one of those individuals who are thinking about selling your home in 2024, it's important to start preparing now so that you can maximize your chances of getting the best possible price for your property.

Preparing Your Home For Sale Can Seem Like a Daunting Task!

Some questions homeowners commonly have are: Where do I start? What improvements should I make? Do I need to hire a stager? Should I paint the walls or remodel the bathroom? The answers depend on the personal nature of your goals and the condition of your home.

It's important to work with a real estate professional you trust to assist you! With the right guidance and careful planning, preparing your home to sell for the best price possible can be a smooth and rewarding experience. 

Alissa Christie Works Closely with Home Sellers to Achieve their Unique Goals

Alissa has a "Roll up Her Sleeves" and "Hands On" approach to helping her clients. She provides support during every step of the process, from connecting homeowners with the right contractors, to helping move furniture to best showcase the home's space, and putting finishing touches with accessorizing with rugs, art, and pillows.

One of Alissa's specialities is providing her clients with a very specific roadmap on what to do to prepare their homes. For example, it's fairly common knowledge that decluttering is an important step to make your home look more spacious and inviting, but executing on this piece can be more difficult without the proper guidance. 

33 Crane Neck St.

Alissa's expertise in helping sellers declutter, organize and stage was on full display with 33 Crane Neck St. in West Newbury. Through her guidance, the sellers were able to transform their property to include bright and airy spaces that were both functional and visually appealing for potential buyers. Thanks to Alissa's room-by-room guide, the sellers decluttered and organized with ease and sold their home for a premium. The guide provided them with specific instructions on what to do in each room, including how to repurpose furniture they already had for staging purposes. This not only saved the sellers time and money, but also helped to showcase the potential of each room to potential buyers.

A professional video of 33 Crane Neck in West Newbury also helped buyers to envision how they would live in the home and served an important part of marketing 33 Crane Neck for sale.


17 Boyd Drive

Sometimes owners have more time to prepare a home for sale and can take on larger projects. An example of a home Alissa Christie recently sold in Newburyport involved over three months of preparation with seller clients who were moving to a different part of the country. The sellers worked with contractors recommended by Alissa to achieve their goals. Some simple updates to the kitchen, including decluttering, replacing a light fixture, a deep clean and refinishing of the hardwood floors where older, cracked tiles were in place, gave the home a refreshing and updated look to help it sell for the highest price. 

 17 Boyd Drive was marketed on Bentley's website here along with a beautiful video showcasing the home to potential consumers.

The owners at 17 Boyd Drive had the time and means to make a few extra improvements, including painting throughout, remodeling the primary bathroom and finishing a sunroom into a livable space. Alissa not only helped the owners design the bathroom space, but took the lead with ordering fixtures, hardware, mirrors and even driving to Boston to pick out the tiles!

What if You Have a Shorter Period of Time to Prepare Your Home or Cannot Make Extra Improvements?

No fear! With Alissa's guidance and support, your home can still look professional and well presented with basic improvements.

15 Finnegan Way

Alissa's ability to work closely with her clients was on full display when she helped prepare a home located at 15 Finnegan Way in Newburyport for sale. The homeowners had lived in the house for 29 years and needed to have their home on the market in just one week to ensure the acceptance of their offer in West Newbury. Alissa worked with the owners and their family from sunrise to sunset to best prepare the home for sale. The team hired painters, contractors, and waste disposal companies to ensure that everything happened quickly. Some simple improvements included removing drapery, painting over wallpaper, and switching out bedding. With Alissa's help, the homeowners were able to purchase their dream home.

As with all of the properties that Alissa markets for sale, a professional video helped to showcase the highlights of the home.

10 Hancock St. 

Another example of a home Alissa sold in 2023 above the asking price primarily involved decluttering, painting and some minor repairs.  Making repairs is also an important step in the home prep process. This could include fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken tiles, or repainting chipped walls. Like all properties, this home was marketed for sale on Bentley's website and social media,  10 Hancock St. and included a video. 



Interested in Selling and Learning About how Alissa can Help You?

There are countless other homes where Alissa has helped owners best prepare their homes for sale. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to Alissa today!

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