The Architectural Styles of Newburyport Luxury Real Estate

The Architectural Styles of Newburyport Luxury Real Estate

  • Alissa Christie
  • 05/23/23

Newburyport’s rich architectural history is woven with visible notions of creativity, inspiration, and re-imagination. A delightful drive through the town showcases an array of early American styles, ranging from petite Cape Cods to intricate, Mansard-roofed Victorians. The luxury architecture that lines the streets of Newburyport reflects the town’s spirit and pays tribute to its cozy yet grand ambiance.

When buying a home, it is essential to consider what various architectural styles can offer you in terms of space, structure, personality, and growth opportunities. We’ll guide you through the most popular architectural styles in Newburyport luxury real estate.

Popular Newburyport architectural styles


The Georgian style was popularized by wealthy colonists who sought refuge in their native country’s symmetrical, stately buildings and wanted to pay homage to the subtle elegance and refinement of British Georgian architecture. The Georgian style was originally named after the three-generation-long, 18th-century reign of King George I, II, and III. Georgian buildings tend to be two stories high with a gable or gambrel roof. Built on a raised foundation and easily identified by its incorporation of wide columns and perfectly aligned windows, the Georgian home is ideal for those who appreciate grandeur and uniformity in a home.

The historic Dalton House at 95 State Street is an excellent example of the strict symmetry of Georgian Newburyport real estate. When complemented by traditional landscaping and filled with interior decor to match, a Georgian-style house may just be the link between the old world and the new that you’ve been looking for in a home.


Inspired by its predecessor, Federal homes tend to be made of brick. Many feature simple front doors framed by towering, narrow columns. The main difference between Georgian and Federal homes is the addition of an oval and hexagonal-shaped room and elliptical adornment above the front door. The front facade boasts a wide, rectangular shape and Palladian windows, topped with a forward-slanting, side-gabled roof and multiple chimneys.

Built between 1780 and 1840, Federal homes are some of the most common in Newburyport, as they allowed architects to modernize and refine the Georgian house. Named after the historical period when the Federal system was created and implemented, Federal homes were inspired by the work of British Neoclassical architect Robert Adam, who sought to create organization and repetition in his work. Thus, the harmony and balance of the Federal home was born.

A Federal home in Newburyport can easily resonate with any home buyer looking to reclaim a historical design and make it their own. Created with the desire to modernize the old, a Federal-style home speaks to any individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice tradition when looking for contemporary home features.

Victorian (Queen Anne and Second Empire)

The Victorian home, specifically Queen Anne and Second Empire styles, became popular at a time when the economic climate in America was positively changing. The Industrial Revolution created access to once-scarce metal parts and other materials, creating a burst of ingenuity in architectural design. Different design features from multiple time periods were combined, creating a hodgepodge of regality and 19th-century artistic flair.

Second Empire Victorian homes are characterized by a double-pitched, four-sided gambrel roof, popularized by Napoleon III between 1852 and 1870 when the Louvre gained the addition of Mansard-roofed wings. This style made its way to the United States in the 1870s, creating a large, multifaceted space for wealthy individuals during the Industrial Era.

The Queen Anne style reached its peak in America between 1880 and 1910. It was largely popularized by the affordability of building materials and the publication of mail-order architectural catalogs released by builders Palliser, Palliser, & Company in conjunction with prominent printers and architects. The Queen Anne-style properties have the innate versatility and asymmetric splendor Federal and Georgian homes were lacking. A Queen Anne home features fun, colorful details, an ornate exterior trim, a striking corner tower, multiple turrets, and an expansive wraparound porch.

Purchasing Victorian-style real estate in Newburyport allows you to embrace a blend of Parisian architectural motifs and old-school, New England charm. A capacious home with a series of asymmetric rooms and near-gothic/Italianate accents suits a buyer who can’t resist a sprinkle of unconventionality and timeless innovation.

Colonial Revival

As the Victorian style gained popularity, so did the counter-culture forming against the robust, maximalist nature of the Victorian home. People began to search for a way back to the past, seeking early English and Dutch architectural styles reminiscent of a simpler time. Inspired by the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876, Colonial Revival gave way to the nostalgic sentiments of early America.

At the beginning of the 20th century, symmetry and subtlety became the focal point of architectural development, leading buyers to the Colonial Revival homes often seen in Newburyport today. Crown molding and sidelight-paneled doors coupled with double-hung windows and side-gabled gambrel roofs recreate the well-proportioned build of the classic Colonial, adding the luster of modernity.

A Colonial Revival house is versatile, perfect for first-time home buyers looking for a property with depth and ties to the past without the fussiness of more ornamented and baroque styles found in Queen Anne Victorian homes.

Home is where the history is

Living in Newburyport offers you the unique opportunity to settle and grow in a home formed by centuries of artistic expression and historical significance. From Georgian and Federal designs to Victorian and Colonial styles and beyond, there are plenty of homes with character to choose from in Newburyport. With the help of expert realtor and Newburyports #1 agent, Alissa Christie, you’ll have access to an exclusive collection of luxury homes for sale in Newburyport, MA, making the search for your ideal home more accessible than ever before. 

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